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What to Expect When Replacing Your HVAC Unit in Gilbert, Arizona

If you live in the Gilbert, Arizona area and are in need of a new HVAC unit, you may have a lot of questions. It’s important to know what to expect when replacing your HVAC unit so that you can be prepared for the process. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how long it typically takes to replace an HVAC unit, whether or not your installer has to replace your ductwork and thermostat during the installation process, and more.

 How Long Will It Take?
The length of time it will take to install a new HVAC unit depends on several factors. First, the size of your home will make a difference in how long it takes. A larger home will require more work than a smaller one. The brand of HVAC unit that you choose will also affect how long it takes for installation. Different brands have different components which require varying amounts of time for installation. It’s also important to consider whether or not there are any existing problems with your old system that need to be addressed before installing the new one.

Replacing Ductwork and Thermostats
In general, your installer should not need to replace your ductwork when they replace your HVAC unit unless there is significant damage or wear-and-tear present that would prevent the new system from operating properly. Similarly, if there is nothing wrong with your existing thermostat, then it does not have to be replaced during the installation process. However, some customers opt for newer thermostats that offer additional features such as Wi-Fi connectivity or energy savings programs which may require them to upgrade their thermostat during the installation process as well.

When replacing an HVAC unit in Gilbert, Arizona with #SuttleAir , homeowners should be aware that there are many factors that determine how long it could take for their new system to be installed (including size of their home and type/brand of their new system). Additionally, unless there is an issue with either their ductwork or thermostat they do not necessarily need to replace these items during installation – although if they wish too they can certainly opt for an upgrade at this point as well! With this information in mind, homeowners can feel confident about what exactly needs replacing when switching out their old HVAC units for something newer and better!

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