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AC Repair

Suttle Air - Emergency AC Repair Service in Gilbert, AZ

Suppose there is one thing that you do not want to happen while living in Arizona. It’s having your AC stop working. AC is vital for staying cool during night and day. When it is super hot outside, it keeps your house at a climate control temperature, which means less stress and worries. If something happens to your AC unit, you do not need to deal with the heat. Just call us at Suttle Air for your AC repair service experts.

AC Repair Solutions: Specializing in swift, reliable repairs for optimal cooling in homes and businesses, ensuring comfort and efficiency.


Fix AC issues for uninterrupted comfort.


Enhance system performance and energy savings.


Dependable repairs for lasting coolness.

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Repair Experts for Your AC Problems

Our team has plenty of experience with your AC unit, and we can handle service repairs, installation, and maintenance. We recommend Trane units to give you the best cooling, and we can repair any make and model you have. Our repair services allow you to sit back and worry less while we handle all of your repairs efficiently and quickly. Below are some of the most common issues that can deal with:

Need Quick AC Solutions? Call Us Today!

Experiencing air conditioning issues? Don’t sweat it! Our expert team is ready to provide fast and reliable service. 

We also offer inspections to find the problem if you are unsure about what is wrong with your AC. Our Gilbert repair technicians will have all the tools needed to fix your AC, and we also have plenty of replacement parts in our trucks. In most cases, we can fix the issue on the first visit, restoring your cooling to your home quickly.



AC Repairs in Gilbert Arizona

If your AC stops working, the last thing you want is to wait a week or longer to have someone come and fix it. Suttle Air understands just how vital emergency AC repair is. When something goes wrong with your AC, then contact us right away. Our team is ready to help, and we can typically fix your AC on the same day.


Watch Out for Warning Signs

You do not have to wait until your AC quits to schedule an appointment with us for repair services. Your AC should contact us when you think there is an issue. Below are some warning signs that you should look for:

  • Non-stop operation
  • Coolant leaks that are near your unit
  • Constant stopping and starting of the system
  • Struggling to reach the target temperature on hot days
  • Unstable cooling in various areas of the house
  • Energy costs that keep increasing
  • Burning smells or strange noises

Always call us when you see a warning sign. A quick look will not take very long, and it can prevent any more extensive problems from happening. For instance, we can deal with your thermostat issues before they can permanently damage the compressor in the unit. If something goes wrong during the hottest part of the year, call us for your emergency AC repair services.


Benefits of Call Suttle Air for Gilbert Emergency AC Repair Services

When you contact the emergency AC repair experts at Suttle Air, you make the wisest choice possible when AC problems happen. We have decades of experience, which means we know what we are doing and what we need to look for. Our technicians are HVAC certified, and that means they know the ins and outs of all sorts of units and the best way to fix them for you.

In addition to extending the life of your HVAC system, working with Phoenix emergency air conditioner service repair experts also reduce energy consumption. All system components work better and stay in optimal shape when fans, refrigerants, and coils work at maximum levels. As a result, you save both time and money.


Why You Should Choose Suttle Air for Your Emergency AC Repairs

Whenever you call Suttle Air, you will get quality and speed. We do more than work quickly; we will also get the job done right the first time. Our team does not just do a lazy fix, and we fix all the issues of your AC problems. Our main goal is to ensure your AC unit runs for years. Call us at Suttle Air today if you want to schedule an appointment or learn more about what

Our happy customers

Here's What They Have to say!

Julie Kotzbach
Julie Kotzbach
Our service window was 8a-5p and the guys arrived around 8:20a, awesome. They gave our AC unit a look over and determined some potential causes for our issue. They did a coil cleaning and we haven’t had the issue return. Quick efficient, and prices were as quoted. Would recommend Suttle Air and we will use them again in the future.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee
I had a hard time finding people to help with my residential maintenance problems and personal air conditioning. Luckily, I was recommended Suttle Air by a close friend. Living in a remote area in Gilbert I wasn’t sure I would get any good service from any local businesses. Suttle Air was fast and easy to deal with, especially when it comes to online estimates. After setting up an appointment, I was called very fast by the worker and he was quick to set up a time to come assist us. He spoke in verbiage I may not have fully understood, but he was nothing but patient and kind. Even offering a business card for any future needs and the best time to contact him. I couldn’t recommend a service any more then I will recommend Suttle Air to my friend’s. It’s not overly priced or unrealistic and their workers genuinely seem like they like what they do and they do it well. Thank you again!
Jennifer Nielson
Jennifer Nielson
Suttle Air was efficient, prompt and friendly!! I highly recommend them.
Meilei G
Meilei G
I reached out to get my dryer vent cleaned and based on my scenario, they managed to get my service set up for the next morning. I also had a smart thermostat installed. Kyle and Andre were so helpful and a wealth of knowledge. They were on time and cleaned up after the repairs were made. I will definitely reach to Suttle Air again when I need service.
Tristan Romero
Tristan Romero
I needed my ducts and vents cleaned and they came and did suck an amazing job. You can smell the air is much fresher and stays cooler without running as long.
Alyson Whitlock
Alyson Whitlock
Very fair prices & exceptional service! The technicians were extremely polite & on-time. Would definitely recommend this company.
Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers
They showed up on time, took care of my AC problem
Matt Curtis
Matt Curtis
My experience with Suttle Air was fantastic. It was an unfortunate situation, but they did everything they could to help me all the way through the process until resolution. From the onset of the the issues and going through the back and forth with the home warranty company they helped every step of the way. My AC went out when it was still 110 degrees outside. Even with packed schedule they worked with me to get me taken care of as soon as possible. Ultimately the home warranty denied the claim, but from there Suttle Air took the wheel and continued to help me all the way through finding a new unit and replacing and installing the new unit. They were honest, courteous, and kind throughout the whole process and I will work with them in the future if ever needed. Do yourself a favor and go with Suttle Air for any AC needs.
Uncle Geo
Uncle Geo
Very trust worthy, great service. Cleaned the coil, and fix the freon leak, and added more freon for a great price. Saved me money because I really didn’t want to spend 10,000 dollars on a new AC unit.
Phoenix iphones
Phoenix iphones
We were having trouble getting our air checked out it was blowing hot air only. Each placed we called seemed backed up and didn’t have any idea of what to expect for pricing and etc. A co worker referred us to Suttle and the lady who answered was so nice and patient she explained what to expect. They actually arrived sooner than expected and were very detailed about the parts we needed. Pricing was great luckily we didn’t need financing. Thank you so much.