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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Services In Gilbert, Arizona

As a homeowner, cleaning your home’s air ducts is of great importance. However, it’s not something that just anyone can do. This is because it requires specialized air duct cleaning tools and, of course, professionals who are highly skilled and experienced. This is exactly why we are here for you!

Air Duct Cleaning Excellence: Expertly cleansing air ducts for healthier, cleaner air and improved HVAC efficiency in your environment.


Remove contaminants for cleaner air.


Boosting HVAC efficiency with clean ducts.


Promoting healthier indoor air quality.

We are located in Gilbert, Arizona and service all of the Phoenix metro area.

Along with cleaning your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, our comprehensive duct cleaning process also includes fans, grills, registers, and the furnace, if applicable. Suttle Air utilizes advanced duct cleaning tools to thoroughly cleanse your ventilation ducts, converting them into a healthier environment within your home. For optimal results and maintenance, it’s recommended to have your air ducts cleaned every two to four years, though in some cases, a two to three-year interval may be more suitable. It’s important to ensure that the service provider, like Suttle Air, is licensed and fully prepared to clean every component of your heating and cooling systems.

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What is The Cleaning of Air Ducts?

Many people are now aware that pollution of indoor air is a problem that is receiving more attention and concern. Several businesses advertise goods and services aimed at raising the standard of indoor air. You’ve undoubtedly seen an advertisement, got a voucher in the mail, or have been approached by a business directly offering to clean the air ducts to enhance the indoor air quality of your home.

Usually, but not always, the price of these services per cooling and heating system ranges from $450 to $1,000, depending on:

  • Climate zone.
  • Overall size of the cleaning system.
  • Access to systems.
  • Contamination level.

The term “duct cleaning” generally refers to the cleaning of various hot air cooling and heating control system, including supply and restore ductwork and checkout lines, grilles and fresheners, heat transfer, heating or cooling coils, condensate sink pans (liquid bowls), fan propeller and fan housing, as well as the housing of the air handling unit.

These areas may become polluted with pollen, dust, or debris if installed, maintained, or used incorrectly. The likelihood of microbiological growth (like mold) is raised in the presence of dampness, and germs from certain growth may be discharged into the house. And if people are contaminated they may develop allergies and other symptoms as a result of some of these poisons.

If you choose to have your cooling and heating systems cleaned, it is important to ensure that the service provider accepts and is qualified to clean all system components. If a polluted system’s component is not cleaned, the whole system may become contaminated again, negating any possible benefits.

Although regulations have been set by organizations focused on the air duct cleaning business, duct cleaning techniques differ. A service provider would typically use specific tools to remove dirt or other debris from ducts before vacuuming them out with a powerful vacuum.


What Tools Are Used by Air Duct Cleaners?

Equipment used by air duct cleaners can range from modest hand tools to large gear. Additionally, air duct cleaners will typically have to use one inspection tool, which might be anything from a straightforward mirror to a periscope to a CCTV camera setup with flexible wires to reach even the most difficult-to-access areas of the air duct system. The equipment for inspecting the air vents will primarily be used when there is a clog or another reason for doing so (like a bad smell).

Brushes, vacuums, and other agitation tools are the basic cleaning equipment. While it is possible to clean the air duct on your own with a simple brush and household cleaner, it is not advised. If you do it incorrectly, instead of extracting the contaminants and debris with professional techniques, it will flow into your home through the air ducts.


How Experts Do Air Duct Cleaning

Three steps make up the entire cleaning procedure: a preliminary inspection, duct cleaning, and a final walk-through assessment.

Step 1. Pre-inspection: After reaching your place, the air duct expert will examine the air network. examining all ductwork access locations, determining the ductwork’s condition (by peering inside), and deciding which cleaning method will work best for your home. The cleaning will start after the ductwork has been examined.

Step 2. Negative Pressure Cleaning of Air Duct and Debris Removal: The technician will then set up the vacuum collection unit. To prevent dust, filth, and other debris from spreading throughout the house and collecting in the vacuum collection unit, it is crucial to produce negative compressed air in the air ducts. After putting this in place, the professional will start shaking the ductwork to remove contaminants like duct, dust, pollen, bacteria, and other gross things stuck on the duct walls.

Step 3. Last-minute Walk-through Examination: To ensure that nothing was overlooked and the air ducts were fully cleaned, a second inspection of the ducts is necessary after cleaning. You now understand how air duct cleaning functions.


Making a Decision To Do Air Duct Cleaning

There is little information available about the potential advantages and potential limitations of air duct cleaning. It is difficult to generalize whether or not air conditioning vent cleaning in your house would be advantageous because circumstances in every home vary.

It is probably not required to have your air ducts cleaned if no one in your home has allergies, unexplained symptoms, or diseases and if a visual examination of the interior of the ducts reveals no signs of contamination with significant dust or mold (no musty smell or apparent mold growth).

As air that is contaminated with dust is drawn through the grate, it is common for the air entries to become dirty. The vents can be readily vacuumed or taken out and cleaned, therefore this does not imply that the air ducts are polluted with significant amounts of dust or debris.

On the other hand, you should speak with your doctor if members of your family are exhibiting unusual or unexplained signs or illnesses that you believe may be connected to your home environment. The EPA has produced the following documents to help with problem-solving and prevention strategies for indoor air quality issues:

  • An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality for Health Professionals
  • The Inside Story: Indoor Air Quality Advice

You can consider getting the ductwork cleaned because it is reasonable that it will ultimately get dusty and require occasional cleaning. The usefulness of routine duct cleaning is still up for debate, but as long as it’s done correctly, there isn’t any evidence to suggest it would be harmful.

On the contrary, duct cleaning might result in indoor air quality issues if a network operator doesn’t follow suitable duct cleaning protocols. For instance, using a subpar vacuum cleaning system can cause more dust, dirt, and other contaminants to be released than if the ducts had been left alone.

Your cooling and heating unit can be harmed by a negligent or inexperienced service technician, perhaps increasing home cooling and heating costs or requiring you to make challenging and expensive repairs or replacements.


Other Essential Considerations

It has never been demonstrated that duct cleaning prevents health issues. Neither do studies show that filthy air ducts cause homes’ particle levels to rise or fall after cleaning. This is because a large portion of any debris that may collect inside air ducts sticks to duct surfaces rather than necessarily entering the living area.

Remember that there are a variety of other potential sources of particles in homes besides unclean air ducts. Greater exposure to toxins than filthy air ducts can result from pollutants that reach the home from both outside and interior activities such as cleaning, smoking, or simply moving about.

Furthermore, there is no proof that small amounts of home dust or other fine particles in air ducts are harmful to human health.

As a result of the ongoing uncertainty over the advantages of duct cleaning in the majority of situations, the EPA does not advise cleaning air ducts other than on a need-to-know basis. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the EPA does advise having your fuel-burning furnace, stoves, or fireplace serviced and checked for proper operation before each heating season.

According to certain studies, cleaning soiled heat exchangers, fans, and cooling coils can increase the effectiveness of air conditioning and heating systems. However, there isn’t much proof that simply cleaning your system’s ducts can improve its performance.


Choosing a Trusted Air Duct Cleaning Provider

Call only experienced businesses like Suttle Air if you want to ensure that your ducts are serviced correctly. We have much experience cleaning the ducts in homes and businesses, and we would be delighted to assist you as well. Customers can use

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Julie Kotzbach
Julie Kotzbach
Our service window was 8a-5p and the guys arrived around 8:20a, awesome. They gave our AC unit a look over and determined some potential causes for our issue. They did a coil cleaning and we haven’t had the issue return. Quick efficient, and prices were as quoted. Would recommend Suttle Air and we will use them again in the future.
Michael Lee
Michael Lee
I had a hard time finding people to help with my residential maintenance problems and personal air conditioning. Luckily, I was recommended Suttle Air by a close friend. Living in a remote area in Gilbert I wasn’t sure I would get any good service from any local businesses. Suttle Air was fast and easy to deal with, especially when it comes to online estimates. After setting up an appointment, I was called very fast by the worker and he was quick to set up a time to come assist us. He spoke in verbiage I may not have fully understood, but he was nothing but patient and kind. Even offering a business card for any future needs and the best time to contact him. I couldn’t recommend a service any more then I will recommend Suttle Air to my friend’s. It’s not overly priced or unrealistic and their workers genuinely seem like they like what they do and they do it well. Thank you again!
Jennifer Nielson
Jennifer Nielson
Suttle Air was efficient, prompt and friendly!! I highly recommend them.
Meilei G
Meilei G
I reached out to get my dryer vent cleaned and based on my scenario, they managed to get my service set up for the next morning. I also had a smart thermostat installed. Kyle and Andre were so helpful and a wealth of knowledge. They were on time and cleaned up after the repairs were made. I will definitely reach to Suttle Air again when I need service.
Tristan Romero
Tristan Romero
I needed my ducts and vents cleaned and they came and did suck an amazing job. You can smell the air is much fresher and stays cooler without running as long.
Alyson Whitlock
Alyson Whitlock
Very fair prices & exceptional service! The technicians were extremely polite & on-time. Would definitely recommend this company.
Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers
They showed up on time, took care of my AC problem
Matt Curtis
Matt Curtis
My experience with Suttle Air was fantastic. It was an unfortunate situation, but they did everything they could to help me all the way through the process until resolution. From the onset of the the issues and going through the back and forth with the home warranty company they helped every step of the way. My AC went out when it was still 110 degrees outside. Even with packed schedule they worked with me to get me taken care of as soon as possible. Ultimately the home warranty denied the claim, but from there Suttle Air took the wheel and continued to help me all the way through finding a new unit and replacing and installing the new unit. They were honest, courteous, and kind throughout the whole process and I will work with them in the future if ever needed. Do yourself a favor and go with Suttle Air for any AC needs.
Uncle Geo
Uncle Geo
Very trust worthy, great service. Cleaned the coil, and fix the freon leak, and added more freon for a great price. Saved me money because I really didn’t want to spend 10,000 dollars on a new AC unit.
Phoenix iphones
Phoenix iphones
We were having trouble getting our air checked out it was blowing hot air only. Each placed we called seemed backed up and didn’t have any idea of what to expect for pricing and etc. A co worker referred us to Suttle and the lady who answered was so nice and patient she explained what to expect. They actually arrived sooner than expected and were very detailed about the parts we needed. Pricing was great luckily we didn’t need financing. Thank you so much.