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Smart Thermostats: Ecobee vs Nest

Smart thermostats are the latest home technology trend that is taking the residential property market by storm. Homeowners and realtors alike have been raving about the convenience, cost savings, and added features that these smart thermostats provide. But with so many options on the market, how do you decide which one is best for your home? Let’s take a look at two of the leading brands in smart thermostat technology: Ecobee and Nest.


Ecobee vs Nest – Design & Features
When it comes to design, both Ecobee and Nest offer sleek, modern-looking devices with bright OLED displays. The main difference between the two lies in their color schemes; Ecobee products come in black or white while Nest models feature a more colorful aesthetic. Additionally, both brands offer a variety of features including voice control capabilities, remote access via smartphone app, geo-fencing capabilities to adjust temperature settings based on your location, and energy monitoring to track energy usage over time.


The differences between Ecobee and Nest really become clear when you look at their features side by side. For starters, with Ecobee you get an Alexa-enabled device right out of the box which allows you to use voice commands to control various aspects of your home such as lights, locks, and more. You also get an occupancy sensor that can detect when someone is in a room or not so it can automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. With Nest, however, you don’t get any of those extras; instead what you get is a basic thermostat with limited voice control capabilities and no additional sensors or accessories included in the package.


Cost Comparison & Warranty Information
When it comes to cost comparison between Ecobee and Nest thermostats, it’s important to note that prices vary depending on model type; for example an older model Ecobee 3 Lite will likely cost less than a newer model Nest Learning Thermostat E. Both brands offer warranties on their products so be sure to check before buying just in case something goes wrong down the road. Generally speaking though both companies offer similar warranty lengths (1-3 years) as well as similar returns/replacement policies within 30 days of purchase if something doesn’t work properly or isn’t what you expected it to be upon delivery.


Choosing between two top-performing smart thermostats like Ecobee vs Nest can be difficult but ultimately boils down to personal preference when deciding which one is best for your home needs. Both offer great design aesthetics along with some amazing features like voice control functionality and energy monitoring capability but ultimately it comes down to weighing up all the pros and cons of each device before making your final decision! If you need help deciding which smart thermostat is right for you or would like assistance installing one in your home contact #SuttleAir #gilbertarizona today! We are always here to help make sure that your home stays comfortable year round!

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