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Publications about Indoor Air Quality in Schools

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management

Framework for Effective School IAQ Management

The Framework for Effective School IAQ Management provides a common language to describe the drivers of IAQ program success; detailed guidance on the proven strategies, organizational approaches and leadership styles that are fundamental to program success; and a clear vision of the pathway to IAQ excellence in schools. Use the Framework to launch, sustain or reinvigorate an effective IAQ management program.

IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit

The IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit shows schools how to carry out a practical plan of action to improve indoor air problems at little or no cost using straightforward activities and in-house staff. The Action Kit provides best practices, industry guidelines, sample policies and a sample IAQ management plan

Videos about IAQ in Schools

This page includes videos showing  how one school successfully implemented the IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit, the importance of good IAQ and how to operate and maintain school ventilation systems, and a school walkthrough.

IAQ Tools for Schools Problem Solving Tool

Use the interactive IAQ Tools for Schools Problem Solving Wheel to learn about the connection between health complaints and common solutions in schools! Click on a health symptom to review a list of possible causes of these complaints. Then, use the resources and checklists available in the IAQ Tools for Schools Action Kit to identify and respond to IAQ issues. Find out what to do in an emergency.

Envisioning Excellence: IAQ Strategies in Action – The Framework for Effective School IAQ Management

This resource details the step-by-step strategies and actions that successful school districts can take to create healthier and safer learning environments.

Discover the Power of Effective Evaluation of IAQ Management — Key Drivers in Action

Schools that leverage the Evaluate Driver of the IAQ Tools for Schools Framework for Effective IAQ Management are better positioned to create healthier learning environments. Read examples of districts that have used evaluation to refine their program and showcase their successes and learn how you can do the same.

IAQ Tools for Schools: Preventive Maintenance Guidance Documents

With thoughtful planning and regular maintenance for your buildings and facilities, you can prevent many issues from becoming costly problems through preventive maintenance. This guide will walk you through the steps to develop and implement your IAQ preventive maintenance plan.

Infographic – Proven Strategies to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Schools

This infographic shows proven strategies to ensure adequate ventilation and filtration in school buildings. Providing healthy indoor air to students and staff is critical to reduce pollutants in the air and limit the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Student Performance

How Does IAQ Impact Student Health and Academic Performance?

This fact sheet explains how good IAQ in schools is a critical component of a healthy and comfortable learning environment. IAQ affects the health, productivity, performance, and comfort of students, teachers and staff. Several problems can lead to poor IAQ and trigger health problems like asthma and allergies.

Asthma in Schools

Managing Asthma in the School Environment

This guide offers valuable information for all school employees, especially school nurses, teachers and maintenance staff, on how to identify and control environmental triggers commonly found in schools.

Help Your Child Gain Control Over Asthma

This brochure offers tips and helpful pictures on how to manage asthma by developing a plan and following simple steps to minimize exposure to asthma triggers found indoors and out.

Mold in Schools

Mold in Schools Fact Sheet

The Mold in Schools Fact Sheet provides a summary of information about mold growth in school buildings and portable classrooms. There are growing concerns regarding mold as the public becomes more aware that exposure to mold can cause a variety of health problems, including allergic reactions.

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings

This document on remediating and cleaning up mold and moisture in schools and commercial buildings is designed to protect the health of building occupants. It serves as a reference guide for building managers, custodians and others who are responsible for commercial building and school maintenance.

Radon in Schools

Managing Radon in Schools

As part of an effective IAQ management program, schools should test for radon to know if radon levels are elevated, and if so, reduce risks to occupants through radon mitigation. Many schools have successfully applied radon mitigation strategies to control indoor radon levels.

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