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What is the most important thing a home owner can do for their hvac system?

The most important thing a homeowner can do for their HVAC system is to have it maintained and serviced regularly by a licensed and experienced HVAC technician. Regular maintenance and servicing can help prevent breakdowns, extend the life of the system, and ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Here are some of the specific maintenance tasks that homeowners can do to keep their HVAC system in good working condition:

  1. Replace air filters: Air filters should be replaced every one to three months, depending on usage. Dirty filters can restrict airflow, reduce efficiency, and affect the air quality in the home.

  2. Clean the system: Regular cleaning of the HVAC system, including the coils, fans, and ductwork, can help improve performance, reduce energy consumption, and prevent breakdowns.

  3. Check and adjust thermostats: Check and adjust thermostats regularly to ensure they are working correctly and set at the desired temperature.

  4. Schedule annual maintenance: Have a licensed HVAC technician perform an annual maintenance check of the system to identify any potential issues, clean and lubricate components, and ensure that the system is working correctly.

  5. Address any issues promptly: If you notice any unusual sounds or smells coming from the HVAC system or if the system is not maintaining the desired temperature, address the issue promptly by contacting a licensed HVAC technician.

In summary, regular maintenance and servicing, as well as promptly addressing any issues, are the most important things a homeowner can do for their HVAC system. By taking care of the system, homeowners can improve energy efficiency, reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, and extend the life of the system.

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It is advised to have your air ducts cleaned every two to four years, while in some circumstances every two to three-year interval would be ideal for upkeep.

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