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The History Of Ice-Making Machines: A Look Back At John Gorrie’s Invention

In 1851, John Gorrie was granted a U.S. patent for an invention that would revolutionize the hospitality industry: the ice-making machine. This groundbreaking invention allowed businesses to quickly and easily make their own ice, rather than having to buy it from outside sources. Let’s take a look back at the history of this remarkable device and how it changed the way bars, clubs, and restaurants operate today.

John Gorrie’s Invention
John Gorrie was a physician in Florida who noticed that his patients’ symptoms worsened when exposed to heat and humidity. He came up with the idea of using mechanically cooled air to reduce temperatures in order to create a more comfortable environment for his patients. To do this, he created a machine that could generate cold air by compressing atmospheric air, then passing it through water or ice. This machine became known as an “ice-maker,” and was patented in May 1851 under US Patent 8,080.


Gorrie’s invention had far-reaching implications for the hospitality industry; suddenly businesses no longer had to depend on outside sources for their ice supply, but could now make their own easily and quickly. This meant that drinks could be served colder than ever before – something customers everywhere appreciated! It also enabled businesses to save money by cutting out middlemen in the procurement process, thus increasing their profits substantially.


The Evolution Of Ice-Making Machines
Since John Gorrie first patented his invention in 1851, ice-making machines have seen countless advances in technology and design over the years. Companies like Gillette Air Conditioning Systems have developed modernized versions of the classic Gorrie model that are capable of producing large quantities of ice with just one touch of a button! These machines boast impressive features such as digital control panels, automatic defrosting capabilities, energy efficiency ratings above 80%, and adjustable temperature settings – all designed with convenience and cost savings in mind. Additionally, these machines can be found worldwide – from Arizona to Australia – meaning they are accessible no matter where you are located!


The invention of John Gorrie’s ice-making machine has had a lasting impact on hospitality establishments around the world. By providing bars, clubs, and restaurants with an easy way to make cold drinks available on demand – without having to rely on outside suppliers – this device helped revolutionize the industry as we know it today! From its humble beginnings in Florida all those years ago to its current state as an accessible global commodity used by millions worldwide every day – there is no denying that John Gorrie’s freeze maker has been instrumental in shaping our modern culture! Thanks to his innovation, we now enjoy cold drinks wherever we go!

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