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How Willis Carrier Changed the Way We Cool Our Spaces

In 1902, Willis Carrier submitted his design for the first modern air-conditioning system, accomplishing a feat that was once thought to be impossible – control of the indoor environment. Since then, air conditioning has become ubiquitous in many businesses, from offices to bars and restaurants. But what exactly is air conditioning, and how has it changed over time? Let’s take a look at the history of air conditioning and its evolution since 1902.

The First Air Conditioners
Willis Carrier’s design was based on a refrigeration cycle that used vapors and liquids to cool down an area by removing humidity from the air. This process was revolutionary because it allowed people to actively control the temperature of their surroundings for the first time ever. This enabled people to work in cooler environments in hot climates without having to worry about heat stroke or dehydration.

Modern Air Conditioning Systems
Modern air conditioning systems are much more efficient than those developed by Willis Carrier. For instance, modern systems use more efficient compressors that allow them to cool down larger areas much faster than ever before. Additionally, advances in technology have enabled modern systems to be much quieter than their predecessors as well as consume less energy while running. Furthermore, some modern systems also include features like automatic shutoff when desired temperatures are reached and even self-cleaning features that help prevent mold growth inside the unit itself.

 Whether you own a business or just want to keep your home comfortable during the summer months, there is no denying that Willis Carrier’s invention of modern air conditioning revolutionized how we view climate control indoors. The development of advanced technologies has also made today’s air conditioners more efficient and reliable than ever before, meaning you can rest assured knowing your space will stay cool with minimal effort on your part! If you’re looking for an air conditioner for your bar or restaurant in Gilbert Arizona then consider Suttle Air – they offer quality installation and maintenance services along with great customer service!

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