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Why Do Some Rooms Get Hotter or Colder than Others?


Do you ever find yourself battling a hot room in your home all summer long? Many homeowners have, and it can be incredibly frustrating trying to figure out why. Heat transfer within the house might be to blame – but this is rarely identified as the cause because specialty contractors (like air conditioning companies, insulation or window specialists) are limited in their scope when diagnosing temperature differences between rooms. The key lies in understanding how all of the systems work together – then finding ways they may interact differently with that one overly-warm space!



If you’re experiencing lack of cool air in your bedroom, despite 10″ insulation ‘R-value’ in the attic and doors being closed, an air conditioning contractor could be your best bet. The contractor should advise adding a supply register to increase airflow into the room. An insulation expert may suggest extra shielding but won’t guarantee that it will significantly improve performance due to present R-Values – after all they want their commission! Windows can also play a part; while not pointing eastwards so miss out on midday/afternoon sun exposure, having tight seals make them more durable which may aid temperature control within rooms when coupled with good ventilation systems etc.



An energy audit can reveal that the airflow in a room is at an impasse, similar to how blowing air into a bottle prevents more air from entering it until some has been released. This leads to higher temperatures as cooler air struggles to find entry points when too much of it remains inactive inside. Adding another supply register or additional insulation beyond R26 will not solve this issue and neither will replacing windows alone – after all, tackling such problems requires considering one’s entire home environment!



Ductwork Design Matters 

Your home’s ductwork system is an integral part of its HVAC system as it helps to circulate air evenly throughout the space. However, if your ductwork is poorly designed or installed incorrectly, then it can cause certain rooms to become either too hot or too cold. Poorly designed ductwork can also lead to a decrease in energy efficiency as more energy is required to maintain proper temperatures in each area of the home. 


Room Size & Location Factors 


In addition to poor ductwork design, room size and location can also play a role in temperature differences within a home. For instance, smaller rooms tend to heat up faster because they have less surface area for air circulation compared to larger spaces. Additionally, if one side of the house receives more sunlight during the day then this could also lead to temperature differences throughout the space. 


HVAC Solutions from Suttle Air 



If you find that your room is hot and the air just won’t stay in, it could be due to a lack of insulation or improper installation. A 5% gap anywhere around the home can reduce its performance by 50%. To properly evaluate where energy may be escaping from your home, use thermal imaging cameras for areas hard-to-reach spots and visual inspections for those more accessible. Insulating according to Energy Star Standards will keep cool air inside while reducing AC system run time – meaning fewer costs on your bills!


Sun Struck Windows

If you’re in Arizona, chances are the sun is your number one enemy when it comes to keeping cool. Your windows can be responsible for more heat gain than even leaky attic insulation! But don’t despair – there’s no need to replace them just yet. Window film and shade screens offer great cost-effective solutions that provide excellent energy savings for an uncomfortable room – with shades providing a higher level of efficiency than new windows themselves! However, such systems will darken the space so consider this factor before taking action; replacing existing frames should only ever come into consideration if aesthetics or noise reduction are priorities rather then attempting inadequate cost saving measures alone.


Uninsulated Walls

Block walls in homes built before 1970 often create a “hot box” effect where the sun’s heat takes forever to dissipate. By injecting closed cell spray foam insulation into these walls and closing off registers, you will give your home an exponential reduction of this uncomfortable warmth!

Keep your home relaxed and cool this summer with these easy fixes! From changing the air filters to cleaning AC condensation lines, learn some quick tips for ensuring that your AC is running optimally.


  1. Change your filters
  2. Keep your interior doors open 
  3. Add shade screens to sun struck windows 
  4. Try running your fan more to circulate the air (Ecobee thermostat)
  5. On ranch style homes with the registers above the doors, close the registers to the rooms that get too much air 
  6. Take the registers off completely in your hot rooms to allow the most amount of airflow into the room. Your builder grade registers are cheap and restrictive. One way you can test how restrictive is to remove the register completely. This will give the most amount of air possible to the hot room and will tell you if you need to switch to a high flow register. 
  7. Switch all your lights to LED which gives off less heat and use 30% less energy than CFLs

Fortunately, there are HVAC solutions available that can help you maintain even temperatures throughout your entire home regardless of room size or location factors. At Suttle Air in Gilbert, Arizona we offer professional HVAC services such as installation and repair for all types of systems including traditional systems, mini-splits and more. Our experienced technicians will work with you to develop a custom plan that meets all your needs while taking into account any existing issues with your current system such as inadequate airflow or improper temperature control. We will also inspect and clean any existing ductwork so that all areas of your home receive even heating/cooling levels for maximum comfort and efficiency. 



 No matter what type of HVAC system you have installed in your Gilbert home, proper design and installation are key when it comes to maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout all areas of the space. Fortunately, the team at Suttle Air has years of experience helping homeowners achieve their desired results while saving money on energy costs over time! Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help improve the quality of air in your home!

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