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Own Up to Your Faults and Move On

Whether you are a homeowner, realtor, or property manager, or the average Joe on the street it is inevitable that mistakes will be made. It is how we handle those mistakes that really matter. In the world of contractors, this means owning up to our faults and moving on in order to ensure more are not made. #SuttleAir in Gilbert, Arizona understands this and has built their reputation on being honest and responsive with their customers.


The Importance of Honesty
Being honest with your customers is one of the most important traits for any contractor to possess. At #SuttleAir we understand that a strong customer relationship is based on trust, which can only be earned when both parties are open and honest with each other. When it comes to admitting fault, most people associate this type of honesty with negative consequences; however, the opposite can be true. Taking responsibility for your mistakes shows your customer that you care about them by acknowledging their concerns and demonstrating an effort to make things right.


Earn Their Work in the Future
Even after taking responsibility for your mistake, it can still be hard for a customer to forgive and forget. The truth is that maintaining a successful relationship between contractor and client takes time and effort from both parties. By staying responsive to their needs and understanding the importance of earning back their trust, #SuttleAir has been able to build strong relationships with both new and returning customers throughout Gilbert, Arizona over its years in business. 

#SuttleAir recognizes that no one is perfect—not even contractors( US or I should say myself James ) —and offers an apology where necessary as well as hope that the customer will accept it so they can earn their work again in the future.


Accepting responsibility for our mistakes as contractors does not have to lead to negative outcomes; instead it’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to our customers by making amends when necessary. #SuttleAir understands this concept well and has used honesty as a key element in building strong relationships with clients throughout Gilbert, Arizona over its life in business. By taking ownership of our faults and striving towards better results we are able show our customers that we can be trusted while also creating opportunities for success now and in the future.


I only put this post together after a situation that had occurred with my team that at the end of the day is my fault, and if I want to be the leader of my team I need to take responsibility when I need to and not let as the saying goes ” let shit role down hill” today was as hard on me as it was a blessing for learning. If anyone actually reads this i hope they can find something in it for them as I got out of putting it together.

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