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When looking to hire a contractor in Gilbert Arizona there are a few things you should know and understand before you start comparing pricing. I know we all want to save money, and get the best deal possible. But is that deal really the best bang for your buck? Or is it just the cheapest deal out before your problem arises again?

Running a HVAC company for the last going on 8 years now I have learned a lot from talking to customers, about their wants and needs. And the number 1 thing I have heard is why is this guy so much cheaper than you and everyone else. That’s a good question, and the easiest answer to that question is he might not truly understand how to run his business and his numbers. In his mind if he sells a job for a few dollars above cost and can pay his gas and make a couple dollars for the day than he’s doing ok. And when starting out that’s all any contractor thinks about. But what about the cost it took to get the job? A lot of home owners are not aware but when you look up lets say duct cleaning near me, and go through a 3rd party such as Yelp, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor and so on that they sell your info to a handful of contractors in your area. So that duct cleaning job lets say was sent to 5 people at 40 dollars and now those 5 people contact you. And you choose the 1 with the cheapest price. There are 4 other companies that have to recoup that cost somehow. And lets say this happens 5 to 6 times a day, that money starts adding up on their marketing budget.

Home owners also don’t take into consideration office expenses, fuel, wages, insurance, increase in materials and labor aka INFLATION and last and definitely not least taxes! When everything is said and done the government wants their cut of the pie. So lets go back to the question was that system or repair that was much cheaper with contractor C a better deal when you have an issue and you cant get ahold of him to look at his work for warranty and he’s A out of business or B just ignoring your calls cause he knows there is no more money to be made of you or he is going to sell you something else to try and make it seem like a different problem.

So how do we get around or help contractors out to try and keep their cost down to help and keep your cost down. Well out of all the parts of this equation the only one you can do to help is not click on those 3rd party sites and try to research a few of the companies in your area and contact them directly. As much as we all love Google , lets be honest the ones with the biggest pockets are on the front page so maybe look a little deeper into the search and find a company that fits your needs the best by calling a few. And remember every company has different overhead and cost, A 1 truck company might be half the cost but will he show up when you want and need him next, or at midnight?

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